Book Report

Books by Alumni

The Rightful King Blake Thews ’96 Warren Publishing, fall 2019 The author’s debut novel is a fantasy that should appeal to fans of Game of Thrones. It’s the first book in the Fire and Shadows series. Other books of note Practical Steps to Digital Research Deborah Bradford Stanley-Bloom ’72 ABC-CLIO/Libraries Unlimited, September 2018 High Risk Clients: Evidence-based Assessment & Clinical Tools to Recognize and Effectively Respond to Mental Health Crises Paul B. Brasler ’92 Pesi Publishing & Media, August 2019 Leadership: Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Communication, and Relationship Building Kathleen Riopelle Roberts ’92 and Ann Martin ALA Editions, fall 2019 There’s No Manual: Honest and Gory Wisdom About Having a Baby Beth Newell and Jackie Ann Ruiz ’06, Avery, Feb. 4, 2020 … [Read more...]