Elizabeth “Betsy” McNeal Brann ’54, who lost her husband Ellen West Grenfell ’55, who lost her husband Patricia Plymell ’55, who lost her husband Susanne Borke Grasberger ’56, who lost her husband Lois Gaylord Allen ’59, who lost her husband Carolyn Hickman Bowman ’59, who lost her husband Rebecca “Becky” Paris Spetz ’61, who lost her husband Carolyn Powell Piotrowski ’62, who lost her husband Patricia Mackey Taylor ’62, who lost her sister Donna Sheehan Gladis ’68, who lost her mother Dale Cole Carter ’73, who lost her husband Kathryn Swart ’75, who lost her sister Susan Tart Morosko ’78, who lost her mother and stepson Anne F. Hayes ’79, who lost her mother Karen Snyder Boff ’81, who lost her mother-in-law Colleen McCahill Turley ’81, who lost her father Elisa Devorshak Harvey ’81 and Christina Devorshak ’91, who lost their father Jennifer Rees Schulze ’97, who lost her father and her mother-in-law Thomas E. Myrick ’03, who lost … [Read more...]

In Memoriam

Sara Nervilla Boggs ’42 Katharine F. Nutt ’42 Margaret Lewis Draper Eckenrode ’43 Marjorie Martel Balius ’44 Susie Walder Wanner ’44 Anna Roberts Ware ’44 Virginia Lipsy Brooks ’45 Amy Charlotte Thomas King ’45 Mavis Bradder Larson ’45 Lois Coleman Bowman ’46 Joyce Weed Butler ’46 Dorothy Mae Kiger ’46 Alta Clark Cline ’47 Mary Nuckols Haydon ’47 Jean Wilkerson Hopkins ’47 Frances Cox Etienne ’48 Mabel Royar Loflin ’48 Una Hayes Fleischmann ’49 Alta Towe Fogelgren ’49 Dawn McElrath Gill ’49 Ginny Downer Williams ’49 Virginia Dowler Dickhoff ’50 Jane Lee Dreifus Martin ’50 Patricia Teasley Mulligan ’50 Margaret Fox Vaden ’50 Jacqueline “Jackie” Lightner Haney ’51 Miriam Kay Oleinik ’51 Norma Resnikoff Sater ’51 Mildred “Millie” Jones Bonner ’52 Barbara “Bobbie” Burgess Goldsten ’52 Charlotte Wilkinson Larson ’52 Elizabeth Ranney Moran ’53 Mary Bird Dellett ’55 Lena Sheetz French Fuller … [Read more...]


John Pearce

John N. Pearce, former senior lecturer in historic preservation and director emeritus of the James Monroe Museum and Center for Historic Preservation, died Oct. 14, 2019, after a long illness. During 27 years of service at Mary Washington, Pearce taught courses in the Department of Historic Preservation, played a key role in developing the museum studies curriculum, and expanded and enhanced the James Monroe Museum. Pearce served on the boards of the Fredericksburg Area Museum, the Memorial Foundation of Germanna Colonies in Virginia, and the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation. His many honors included the History Award from the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, for his lifetime contribution to American history. He contributed articles to numerous publications and authored American Painting 1560-1913, published in 1964 by McGraw-Hill. A son and a daughter survive him. … [Read more...]