Closing Column


In January, students gathered for the James Farmer Tribute, part of UMW’s yearlong celebration of the late civil rights leader. Students planned and executed the event and honored Farmer with songs, dance, poems, and remembrances. Bilqiis Sheikh-Issa ’23 wrote the following poem and delivered it that night. She is a campus leader and is active in the multicultural community. Legacy By Bilqiis Sheikh-Issa This blood in me has a history. A story. This body of mine is a work of art. Created and sculpted and made by my ancestry My name is that of a Queen who reigned supreme over her Queendom. A strong Black woman they could never tear down So I keep my head high to show that you can never take that away from me. You can never break me Because I’ll always come back. Power is in my lineage. Strength is written into my DNA I come from a line of women who put their blood and sweat and tears into this soil. This Holy Earth and made it strong. They put the world on their backs and … [Read more...]