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Patricia Mathewson Spring

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Anna Ruth “Anne” Jones Wilson in February 2019. I remember vividly the good time we had at the ’06 reunion and how our daughters became friends.

Our class doesn’t have a lot of news, and many of the girls I knew are not with us anymore. I gave up on email, but I can still be reached via the classnotes@umw.edu email address; your updates will be forwarded to my home address via regular mail.

As for me, Patricia Mathewson Spring, I’m still at home with the help of my children, some domestic help, a cane, and a walker. Very slow moving but standing!

I did hear from Sally Heritage Jordan, who is doing fine and still involved in a swimming program. She wants everyone to know that she receives thank-you notes from the recipients of the Class of 1946 scholarships. She sends her best wishes, and to all she adds: “Have a good attitude and keep a smile on your face.” I’ll buy that!