Mary Washington Forges Pathway to Engineering

A new pathway program will allow UMW seniors to enroll in engineering classes at George Mason University. Here, GMU students show an active-shooter detection system they designed. (Evan Cantwell/GMU)

Thanks to a pathway program scheduled to start with George Mason University this fall, UMW seniors will have the opportunity to enroll in pre-master’s engineering courses at Mason’s Volgenau School of Engineering (VSE).

An agreement between the institutions allows Mary Washington undergraduates to earn up to nine credits that apply to their bachelor’s degree and have the potential to be used toward a master’s degree in engineering at VSE.

Mason’s VSE has an expansive number of courses and a robust selection of online offerings – and it’s close to Fredericksburg.

While still enrolled at UMW, students may take pre-master’s VSE courses in six areas: applied information technology, computer science, data analytics engineering, operations research, statistics, and systems engineering.

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