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These are the unedited class notes as submitted by class agents and other alumni. Edited notes appear in the print edition.

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Marcy Weatherly Morris


No Class Agent


Rita Morgan Stone

Corley Gibson Friesen

[Editors’ note: The Class of ’52 now has two class agents. Rita Morgan Stone has volunteered, and she submitted the following notes for this issue.]

Corley Gibson Friesen writes that she and Ernie, married for sixty-six years, have moved into a new Senior Complex in Colorado, with children living nearby.

Maryanne Heatwole Cox says that the most significant event in her life during the past year was selling her house  and building a new home with her youngest daughter and  son-in-law.  She enjoys a lovely large walk-out space that is her ‘new home’ still in the Fredericksburg area.  Her family has grown with twelve grandchildren and now eight great grandsons–still waiting for that little girl.

Mary Lou Finney Boyd, in Stevensville, MD, enjoys grandchildren nearby.  Along with crafts and sewing, she still swims three times a week to keep the arthritis at bay.  Her daughter, who had breast cancer, now volunteers for MetaVivor, and Mary Lou writes her thank-you notes.

Elaine Nader Powell and husband Jim have a special interest in soccer and watching their grandchildren play.

Ryan plays for William and Mary, and his sister plans to go to Virginia Tech where she has accepted a soccer scholarship.  Jim has a garden, which is ‘shared ‘ with the deer and wildlife.  Elaine and Evelyn Roeder Pammel make an occasional trip to the casino.  Evelyn lives at Ashby Pond, a retirement community in Ashburn, VA.

Susan Hutcheson Jurgens stays busy in Gordonsville, VA and is in contact with many of our classmates.  Her schedule includes a lot of bridge.  She has recovered from a broken arm and is anticipating a trip to Ireland in October with the RoadScholar  tours.

Nancy Stump Motley lives in Roanoke, VA in a townhouse that was designed by her architect husband Ken. Sadly Ken died December, 2017. One of Nancy’s daughters, Sharon Kleinman, an interior decorator, was featured in the Washingtonian Magazine.  The other daughter is Director of Bible Teachers and lives in Williamsburg, and an architect son lives in the Roanoke area.

Nancy Moxley Stone, a music major, taught piano for about fifty years and served as pianist/organist for her church. Her volunteer activities included the Grayson/Wythe Library Board, chair of the School Board Selection Committee, and Sunday School teacher for fifty years.  Before Ernest’s death in 2012, they traveled widely in Europe and enjoyed Florida winters.  Her two daughters live nearby in Elk Creek.  Two grandsons are in CA–one in real estate and the other a producer in Hollywood.  Another is pursuing a Doctorate in Philosophy at University of Arizona, and the fourth is a physician in Charlottesville.

Claire Sindlinger DeGroot and husband Ward live in Arlington, VA and stay young and busy tending their beautiful azalea garden.  They spend much of the summer in New Jersey at Claire’s family home.

Carolyn Arrington Smith lives in Charlottesville, VA and enjoys her bridge clubs and book clubs.  Her real passion is her volunteer work with the SPCA; however, not nearly so active as when she and her husband lived in Bristol.

Virginia Orkney Philbrick writes that she is often reminded of how much Mary Washington has happily influenced  her life professionally and personally.  “I was inspired by history professors whose enthusiasm for their field was not only apparent in the classroom, but also in the planned excursions to Virginia’s historical sites.”  After graduation, Ginny enrolled in a doctoral program in history at Tulane University and then transferred to the West Coast for additional study at U.C. Berkeley and the U. of Oregon.  After teaching at Oregon where she had large classes and was pressured to concentrate on research and writing rather than teaching, she accepted a position at the College of Marin, a smaller school in the San Francisco Bay area where she taught for twenty years. Ginny now lives in Bedford, VA.

Charlotte Adams Harrell lives at Westminster Canterbury – Virginia Beach, with husband Bob. Recently she and Bob were at the Hampton History Museum for the opening of the Hampton One Design exhibit.  Bob Harrell, age 98, was a big winner in the fleet.  There will be a permanent display of a Hampton One Design boat in the museum and many trophies with Bob Harrell’s name.

Gwen Amory Cumming resides in the same home in Hampton, VA where she has lived for the last sixty-two years. Gwen was one of the founders of the Hampton History Museum and received a special honor this year when The Rotunda was named the Gwendolyn Amory Cumming Rotunda. Her four children, who live in Williamsburg, Richmond, and Hampton, were all in attendance for the surprise ceremony.

Mary Mapp Edmonds Bradford lives in a retirement community in Ellicott City, MD.  She stays busy with her duplicate bridge activities.  A daughter lives in PA, and a son is in New Orleans.

Phyllis Webb Pegram lives in Bassett, VA.  She has a busy husband, who organized and developed ” The Greater Bassett Area Community,” and Phyllis plays a supportive role.  They are both in good health and keep busy schedules.

Betty Montgomery Handy retired after thirty-one years as a research chemist and is now back in Powhatan County. Her activities as a Master Gardener and volunteer work with the Free Clinic, her Episcopal Church, and the local political scene keep her busy.  Her three daughters live nearby, thus giving her an opportunity to enjoy the grandchildren.  Son Tommy lives in Florida with his family.

Rita Morgan Stone enjoys her independence at Lakewood Retirement Community in Richmond, VA.  There is a putting green and a rubberized walking track behind her villa; no excuses for not getting the Fitbit steps. She delights in special lunches at the Virginia Museum with her Mary Washington pals Diana Livingston and Lloyd Backstrom; albeit, a bit of an age difference.  The Lakewood bus transports us to the Richmond Spider basketball games, the symphony, and shows so life is as busy as one wishes.  One of the perks in moving to Richmond is that she sees one of her Mary Washington roommates often.  Betty includes Rita in her family gatherings and is a good movie buddy.

Carol Oliver Headlee lives at Lakewood also; however, she is now in Health Care.  Daughter Kathy lives in Richmond.

Two of our classmates have remembered our alma mater in significant ways.  Frances Bold, in leaving her estate to Mary Washington, has enhanced the Kalnan Inn with her beautiful rugs and Wedgewood collections.

Shirley Van Eppes Waple will long be remembered for one of Mary Washington’s largest-ever gifts in support of academics.  Shirley had previously endowed a scholarship for students with financial need.  Her later gift established eight professorships that recognize excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship.  The Professional Achievement Award, established in her honor, recognizes faculty members who have made significant contributions to their scholarly or creative area of expertise.


Betsy Dickinson Surles


Mary Ann Dorsey Judy

Nancy Root Skinner

Carolyn Osborne Jenkins – Class of ’54  writes:
I owned a Cafe in San Francisco (Cafe Capriccio) located on Third and Market Street.  I had it for close to ten years and enjoyed it EVERY second!!  It became very popular and was very successful.  Marvelous reviews in the newspaper!!!!   They claimed that it was very, very Italian (that is what I had hoped for!!).  I covered the walls with framed etchings to add to that Italian look!!  I foolishly did not accept the offer from the hotel a few doors away!!  THAT is the problem to allow yourself to fall in  love with something you create to sell!!  Not a wise decision on my part!!  But it was all a very marvelous learning experience!!  I finally sold the space and out went the marble counter, small tables, the expresso machine and it became a publisher’s location!! aarrgh!!  Live and we do eventually LEARN!!
In fact the only expresso machine that I  know of in Carmel-by-the Sea is located in the back part of a bakery in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA and hope to open another cafe soon!  This beautiful town DOES NOT have a Cafe with any sense of charm!  I feel I should correct that!!
I am an Interior Designer by training and this is work I absolutely LOVE!!  I think Carmel-by-the-Sea needs me!! i hope!!  Before the cafe experience, I did local interior designing for residents – making changes in the clients furniture usage and often adding suggested colors to the room.  I very seldom recommended purchasing other furniture pieces or replacements.  They bought it because they liked it and I don’t wish to interfere in that way!
Before this Bob and I moved about a lot and I spent my time decorating our new place of residence!  We lived both in Belgium and Rome for several years and that took adjustment to what was and wasn’t available!
I love living in California especially, and also here in Carmel-by-the-Sea!  This is a marvelous center coast location!
I have a new and wonderful small dog that keeps me on my toes!!  Sincerely yours, Carolyn Osborne Jenkins.  I have been married to the same Bob Jenkins for 63 years!  Nice!!!



Roberta Linn Miller

[Editors’ note: The Class of 1955 has a class agent once more. Roberta Linn Miller of New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania, has volunteered to serve, and here is her first contribution.]

I tried to contact members of our graduating class by email and phone. Many “no answers” and some changes in numbers and addresses. I would like to hear your news, so please contact me.

I did have a wonderful time talking to many and my first call was to Minnie Rainey Mayberry who lives in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Her husband was in the Navy so they traveled a great deal with the service and on their own including a trip to Africa. Minnie keeps in touch with Sally Hanger Moravitz who lives in Falls Church. Her roommate was Rhoda Browning McWilliams who lives in Sebastian, Florida. They had lost touch with each other and I was able to give Minnie her address. I used to live in Charleston, so we had lots to talk about.

Next on my list was Eloise Gabrik who lives in Florida. She has two children. Her daughter lives in Manhattan, graduated from Princeton and is with an international corporation. Her son lives in Georgia but is being transferred to California. Eloise has her masters from Loyola and was a guidance counselor in New Jersey. Another place that I lived so we had a chat about that. She kept in touch with Joyce Stallard Bruce until Joyce passed. By the way, I also lived in West Virginia, Virginia and Oklahoma. Mobil kept us on the hop!

I was pleased to talk to Carol Cooper who has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Penn and worked in Children’s Aid in Pennsylvania then at Yale University School of Medicine. She has traveled but now has two dogs and is at home in Chatham, Virginia. Carol is a nineteen year cancer survivor and I hated to “one up” on her with my twenty years. We decided that we must tell these facts so others will know that you can survive.

Coralyn White McGeehan was kind enough to talk to me. She is a widow, her husband was a pilot for United Airlines. She has two daughters, three grandchildren and a great grand child. One granddaughter is getting her masters in computers. Coralyn taught elementary school in Fairfax after college but now lives in a retirement community in Ashburn, Virginia.

Ruth Dollens Chiles was a secretary for an insurance company and lives on a large orchard farm in Batesville near Charlottesville. They raise apples and peaches. I know that this is a lot of hard work, but wouldn’t you love to have that fruit, especially the peaches? Ruth has three children, two girls and a boy, and three grandchildren.

Had a very nice phone visit with Ann “Miss” Hungerford McKinlay in Port Chester, New York which is thirty five minutes from Grand Central. Ann had a job at the Bank of New York in the trust department and met her husband there. Unfortunately, she has been a widow for seventeen years. I remember seeing Ann come down the staircase in Ball wearing a beautiful white gown with a hoop underneath. A true Southern beauty.

Dr. Inta Janners Ertel one of my roommates and a good friend through the years is a Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan. She officially retired in 2013 but is still keeping her MD license. She attends a meeting of the Department of Pediatrics every Tuesday morning when for one hour speakers give updates on new information in Pediatrics. Inta attends concerts and operas and is helping her daughter raise her twelve year old son. Several years ago she was able to return to Latvia and visit her home area. I tell everyone that she was so brilliant that when I roomed with her I made Dean’ List because I was ashamed not to!!

My roommate in Home Management House was Jean Brumback Bickman and she was also my maid of honor when Tom and I married. She lives in Reno, Nevada and is not doing too well health wise. Betty Lewis, Dot Mcilwain and Jean and I survived that semester, somehow.

In the summer of 1952 I was off to MWC just two weeks after my high school graduation. The first person that I met was Barbara Dean Smith Kronenberg from Minden, Louisiana. We were both nervous and a little scared and from small towns. We ended up as Sophmore roommates and then she transferred to LSU, got her masters and traveled the world with her work. We keep in touch and during one happy time, she and her family came up from Louisiana to visit with us at our Bed and Breakfast at our farm here in Pennsylvania.

Another member of that summer class of about eighteen people was Anastasia “Buttons” Petro from Morristown, Tennessee. She is a widow now, living in Mukilteo, Washington which is a suburb of Seattle. It has a Boeing factory which is the longest building in the world in one building. It makes the largest airplanes. Buttons has three sons, two are film the industry. She is a well known artist and has traveled to Rome to study watercolor and Venice to study frescos. After graduation she worked at the embassy in Saigon and traveled to many other countries. She has had an interesting life with very fulfilling moments. We keep in touch by email and recently by phone and with a long letter from her.

An appreciated note came from Ann Strickler Doumas in Fredericksburg saying that she had seen Chris Harper Hovis at graduation. Chris’ grandson, Harper, was a graduate. Ann and her family are traveling a lot. Her entire family including children and grandchildren, a total of thirteen, went to Greece for Christmas. A trip to the Great Lakes with a Virginia Tech. group was scheduled for July. I met Ann when we were in high school through her church which my sister attended. Ann took me on a tour of Spotsylvania and I have such good memories of that day.

I had tried to call Irene Hughes but no answer and was pleasantly surprised to have her call me. We talked for a long time about many things including our love of Great Danes. (She had five and I had three. My first one when I was two years old). A few days after we “visited,” my son, who was here from Texas, brought in the mail and there was a package from Irene. I ripped it open and inside was a copy of her book, Scent of Suspicion autographed to me. How wonderful! A letter from her gives us her life events. Irene retired from business ownership, real estate and a restaurant, in 2000 to do some writing. Two novels are available from and Barnes and She lives alone and takes no meds and still drives and travels and stays active with gym classes and projects such as supervising a house renovation. She loves to read, watches the Tennis Channel, attends plays, dines out with friends and, in general, enjoys a very good life. She lives in Arrington [sic], Virginia and I think she did have horses. Now I consider that a great thing. Thanks Irene.

I am so happy to have visited by various means with such a great group and I hope to hear from more members of the class.

Please note that although I graduated with you, I started with the Class of 56 during that hot summer. We lived in Westmoreland and I remember that girls slept on the floor to try to escape the heat. The rest of my introduction to college life was with Dr. Shankle, Dr. Quenzel and a swimming instructor who didn’t seem to understand my fear of water. Well, I survived all that. Let’s hear your stories.

I want to express my appreciation to Chris and all the others who filled the pages of the MWC and University of Mary Washington magazine with the class news and notes for so long. I shall try to do my best.

With best wishes and thanks, Roberta Linn Miller


Ann Chilton Power

So many of us have dropped our landline phones or ignore unfamiliar numbers to avoid telemarketers, it makes keeping in touch more difficult. I did hear from Betty Davies Morie. She has moved to Westminster-Canterbury in Richmond to be closer to her daughter, Beth who is married to an attorney and has two elementary school age children. Betty’s son Paul Morie Jr. has a son, Zachary who is in his final year of residency at Sentara Medical Center in Williamsburg.

Mickey Foley McDaniel wrote from Georgia. One granddaughter graduated as a physician’s assistant and is employed in a hospital emergency room in Cattanooga. Another granddaughter is working on an advanced degree as a child life specialist and is on the staff of a children’s hospital in Chicago.

I have one granddaughter in her second year at the University of Missouri. Her sister is in her first year at Iowa State. My son retired this year after a 39 year career with Gannett newspapers.

My biennial Chilton family reunion was held June 28-30, again at Shrinemont in Orkney Springs, Va. There were 44 in attendance with five alumni of Mary Washington.


Joyce Bristow Wrestler

From Patricia (Pat) Falkenbury Cook: I had total hip replacement a year ago and am doing very well with it.  However, my shoulder needs surgery and the elbow of the same arm has spurs growing on it.  So, hope to have it all taken care of soon.

My sister, Barbara (Bobbi) Falkenbury Wright lost her husband Feb. 18th – he was 84 years old.  She lives in Spartanburg, SC near their daughter and continues to live in a Senior Citizens facility.

Blessings, Pat

From Joyce: Marlene Braun wrote that she enjoyed reading the The University of Mary Washington Magazine, especially the Class Notes with news of members of the Class of ‘57.  Her husband Carl is awaiting the doctor’s decisions about further treatments after he has studied newest test results.   Marlene is considering a visit to their son who lives in Fort Collins, CO.  Her daughter is encouraging her to do this, and offering to provide the care Carl needs while she is away.   Daughters are wonderful.

Meredith Townes is now living at Rappahannock Westminister Canterbury, a retirement community, and has placed her home on the market.  Since Jack’s death, she has remarried.  She has known her new husband, Col. Edward Townes, for over thirty years.  He is the cousin of her late husband, and has the same last name.  He has a home in Florida, and they plan to become “snow birds”.

In February Jean Durham Busboso took a Road Scholar trip to Key West, Florida.  She found it to be “a beautiful place“.  She took in the usual “visitor sites”, but her favorite was the Butterfly Conservatory. She is planning to attend another Road Scholar program in September.  This one will be held at Oxford, and it will be about World War I.

Cliff and I were in Charlottesville in June for a medical appointment for his back.  We were accompanied by son David.  (Sons are wonderful too.)  Then we had a nice dinner with Jean and Buz Busboso.  We did quite a lot of catching up and learned about their new dog Lucy.

We’d like to have more “catching up” for the next Class Notes of ‘57, so send us your news.


Susannah Godlove

Joyce Allen”s husband found negatives and printed pictures to BETTY GOULD Storms, CAROL LEHMAN; JOYCE BUTLER Allen and ALICE JANKLOW Drucker  I was not in the photo.  There were  other negatives not developed.

KAY MARTIN Britto. She reported that she   will be staying at home this summer she has taken all her grandchildren to Europe.  Her children have finished school, daughter will be moving to Atlanta to work  JUDY TOWNSEND Bainbridge  and husband did a terrific Road Scholar trip to Jekyll and nearby Georgian Sea islands.  Are now into politics helping a former student run for congress in South Carolina.

JOYCE CORBITT Faison  had a nice visit from PEGGY SAUNDERS and husband Eugene.  Joyce takes credit for introducing.  Lunch with JOY LEE< PEGGY. they all majored in Home Economics

Economics MW.  Joyce has also a cruise  with 2 stops in Cuba.

JERRY SAMPLE  Stocks and her husband celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary this year.She is traveling to SarasotaFL for annual reunion with FRAN KARINS  UPDIKE and


BONNIE HATCH Bowden  lives in an apartment attends yoga, does  pottery which she enjoys If any one lives In Dallas and wants some pots let her know. Said she was an art  major at MW.  She  recalled her suite Mates BEV LORDI and SUE BLYTH are both gone.
MARY LOU MORRIS Wolsey  and family enjoyed visiting a grandson’s graduation in Boulder, Colorado.  He is into sports and plans attend Graceland University in Iowa in the fall. Another son is taking leave from pastoral work for nearly 14.  Daughter’s 2 children involved one as a first year music teacher on a Native American reservation near Minocqua, Wisconsin. Wayne and Mary are active in their fields all these years of post  retirement.

Heard from CAROLYN DALE MILLER still lives in Daren.  CT.

She called me tell me that JUDITH O SULLIVAN MILTON had died on July 4, 2019. Judy daughter  called Carolyn.   We both shared Memories about Judy and were sorry to hear about her passing.

I didnot hear from our reunion 2018 but I did order a photo of seven.  Recently at a picnic i was sitting at a table and we were discussing that I our college diplomas had to schools listed a person sitting across from smiled as I said Mary  Washington.   Introductions PATSY JACOBS Kadel class of 1974 had moved to Winchester recently. We shared stories from our experiences at MW all the rules and changes.  I also asked Patsy is she would be interested in joining AAUW  American Association of Uniiversity (fx spelling ) Women and she said yes.

SHERRIL MASSIE Judd has settled down to the farm and is enjoy living life there with her husband and daughter.  Sherril helped DORTHY NEWLIN down size her home. Dot has plans to live in Florida.  NANCY LUNSFORD Spero said she has been traveling and enjoying life in Florida. She never thought  she would never her home in New Jersey  for all of her married life with Robert Singer, however her husband Steve Spero changed her mind  no more snow.  She plans to pursue her career in art, pottery and cooking and good health a 82.

Carol Lehmann commented on the article in the Heritage article written about JOYCE LEE SMITH gift honoring her mother .

I thank you all for sharing.  I hope  I did not miss anyone response.  If I did please let know.

Sent separately: Mary Ruth (Ruthie) Griggs Ridge ’58 wrote that she attended the 60th Anniversary in 2018 where she saw a few former classmates and reminisced about her time at MWC. Ruthie transferred in to MWC in 1956 and attended summer school while living in Ball. Summer was when the Marines visited. She lived in Curtis her senior year and had a wonderful experience. She studied history and secondary education and began her teaching career in 1964. She keeps in touch with several of her classmates and is grateful for her excellent education from MWC! She enjoyed attending reunion of the now University of Mary Washington and enjoys the publications that are sent!


Edna Gooch Trudeau

What a lovely 60th reunion we had! Fourteen of us, plus seven husbands, attended. Everyone looked well and in good spirits. Another chance to get together. As usual, UMW outdid itself –the staff and student volunteers were excellent. The Alumni College programs were well attended. Brompton was beautiful. As part of the 1908 Society the Friday class party was held in town at the Venue Restaurant. On Saturday, the weather was great, as well as the picnic. Tours were taken, buildings visited, and the book store was open! The All Class Party was extremely popular with a full dance floor, thanks to the band. On Sunday, the brunch was delightful and delicious. We bid our fond goodbyes and promised to return for our 65th! (We came in second in the Alumni Fund contributions – beat by the 50th reunioners!)

Dorothea “Dodie” Reeder Hruby and husband, Dale, came in on Thursday from their home in Williamsburg. She and her committee planned well as usual. Kay Rowe Hayes [Banner lists her as “Katherine.”] looked great and retired from politics finally was enjoying many activities. Sally Arnold Sullivan and Bill came. We tried to catch up on some talking. Molly Bradshaw Clark came for the day. Wish she had stayed longer. Mary Fredman Downing [Per Banner; Edna called her Friedman.] and Glen were very active – Mary Does a lot of “behind the scenes work” and Glen was a good conversationalist! Ann Rollins Pyle came with her daughter, Carolyn. [Banner said Ann has no children!] Was so glad to see her. We reminisced about the good old days. And Sally Steinmetz came. She said this was her first reunion – couldn’t believe it. It’s never too late Ann Brooks Coutsoubinas, who has been to all our reunions, I think, was leaving following week to tour England and Scotland with some family members. She stays active with the Greek church. Gregory is fine; Anastasia is living with Anna and job hunting. Marcia Phipps Ireland (Gary) and Marcia Spence Harrison-Thornton (Larry) presented a very caring memorial service for the girls we have lost but not forgotten. It was emotionally moving. Thank you.

Nancy Gwaltney Gillette and Bill opened their house for guests. Julia Coates Littlefield and Mo decided to make a team. It worked well. Scot, Susan, and the children (Chris and Mary Graham) have moved in with Julia and Mo. The kids are wonderful to have. Scott and Susan are looking for a buyer for their business in Georgia and new employment for themselves. Last August Mo and Julia attended his 65th high school reunion in Maine and also visited family. Mo stays busy on various church committees (They are looking for a new rector and choir director and renaming their church back to its original 1840 name.)

Irene Piscopo Rodgers came from New York early and spent some time with Kay. Irene is always planning to go somewhere. She watched her great niece in a performance at the Lincoln Center, a friend’s granddaughter’s West ceremony, visited cousins in Orland, to Pittsburgh to see her sister-in-law, nephew and niece and Irene’s cousin from England came for a visit. Irene made several visits also this past year to hear her students’ research presentation at UMW. She generally stays with Kay in Warrenton. Irene and a friend embarked on a 16-day transatlantic cruise from Florida to Copenhagen with stopovers in Azores, Ireland, and Amsterdam, to name a few. She also went on the Viking Christmas Market Danube River Cruise from Budapest to Nuremburg. She recommended the thermal baths and spa in Budapest. She was on three ship, two buses, and many canals– a lot of interesting places.

All of us are still traveling it seems, and we’re especially glad we traveled to our 60th.

Inga Kuun Barrett and Jack are now residing in a senior retirement apartment. It’s first-time apartment living for them. They celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary in November. They are in good health and do a lot of walking.

Gloria Winslow Borden moved from Virginia to a lovely in-law suite in Katy, Texas, thanks to Cynthia and Rob. It has eased her worry. This big move was in Marcy. In May she attended Cliff’s and Lynda’s daughter Kelly’s high school graduation. In August Beth’s and Dan’s daughter Megan married Russell. Kate, Caroline and Mark’s daughter, and her husband, Ned, had a daughter, Kayte in August. In October, Gloria was involved in an accident that totaled her car. Luckily, she is fine. Cliff and family visited Thanksgiving, which means Cynthia hosted for 18! What a year!

Barbara White Ellis spent a week at her favorite lake in New Hampshire in August with her daughter, Beth; husband, Jack; and daughter, Megan and her family. They had many relaxing days. Sterling Babs’ horse is now retired to pasture and enjoying it. A recent operation prevented her from attending the 60th. So sorry, dear.

Frances “Bunkie” Bourke Firth’s youngest daughter, Kristen, had major surgery near Christmas and bacterial pneumonia, which kept Bunkie busy. However, she still found time to have 15 for Christmas! They are planning a three ways trip to the east and west coast of South America and later a week in the Antarctica Archipelago! Wow – sounds cool!

Celeste “Pug” Shipman Kaufman’s husband, Alan, sent family news and a darling picture of Julie and John’s middle child, Frances, and one of Matt’s son, Mills – 18 months. Alan believes he will be the next golfer in the family! A sad note: Frances and Matt lost their second son, John Haven, soon after birth due to a genetic defect. We are so sorry – I know Pug has him in her arms.

Julie and John’s oldest son, Austin, completed his Ph.D. from the University of Texas and is job hunting. Sarah, their youngest, is a junior at Samford and is doing well. Jeffrey, Pug’s and Alan’s oldest, and his wife, Pam, and two sons are doing fine. Smylie married Francis in April. He injured his back, has been in rehab, and will return to golf in 2019. Luckie has bought his first house and continues working as a CPA. Both Jeffrey and Julie took advantage of sky rocketing process of homes on the golf course and sold their homes for something smaller. Alan is still golfing actively but has fit traveling into his schedule: San Diego, Carmel, Vero Beach, and Sacramento. He wrote his health is good and he feels fine. Many thanks, Alan, for not forgetting our class.

Barbara Gordon McNamee continues coaching swimming part time on the weekends. [Barbara is William & Mary’s synchronized swimming coach. – NT] She and the swimmers went to the University of Florida in February, and Tucson, Arizona, at the end of March. In May she was back in California for the Artistics Swimming Series Event. Summer brought one more visit to Orlando and the Pan-American National Championship. Then back to California for the U.S. Masters. (Wow – what a year. The word busy is understated.) All this time Bob stayed at home, playing lots of golf. Virginia had a lot of rain this year, which gave him the opportunity to do some mud cleaning. This year he bought some new clubs. The third time he played his age! [Underline Edna’s.] Talk about excitement. Barbara and Bob traveled to L.A. twice to see family. Brad and Connor (McNamees) live close to Howard, Margie, and Kate (Crabtree). Barbara attended synchronized swimming functions, and Bob went to his annual dental meeting in Chicago. In September, they had planned a trip to Charleston but the hurricane closed I-95 for a week. Thanksgiving finds them at Karen and Tony (Crabtree). Their son, Dustin, is now teaching in China. Chris and his family (Oregon) have returned from Hawaii to Virginia. Their kids are growing fast. Robb has a new home in Delaware. Lynn and Steph net Barbara at the new house. Barbara wrote she is a happy grandmother, is in good health and looking to 2019 being another busy year.

Letter from Eleanor Markham Old’s husband, Arthur. He has a new car and he likes it. James and Beth have their same jobs. Grandson Tyler graduated in June and is job hunting. Parker, who lives in L.A., is engaged to be married this year. He works as a composition lighter. (He makes the list of credits for RV, movies, and commercials.) How interesting! Arthur wrote he and Martha’s health is fine.

Lois Gaylord Allen and husband Howard will be great grandparents in May. Yea! Howard is struggling with Parkinson’s but Gay is at his side. Gay still volunteers at the Humane Society. She has cocker spaniels and cats, which she says are all getting old – she feels like she runs a geriatric ward with all the drops and pills she gives out. Gay heard from Ruth Gaines Hepner, who is finally retired.

Ann Watkins Steves and Bob traveled to New England for Megan’s (Linda’s daughter) graduation from Suffolk University and Stella’s (William’s daughter) performance in Sound of Music. They also went to Pagoda Springs again for the Corners Folk Festival. Bob enjoys water aerobics, and Ann volunteers as a librarian.

Mary C. Massey continues to volunteer at the Audubon Naturalist Society (28 years so far) and the Paint Branch Unitarian-Universalist Church. Recently, she became a volunteer at the Prince George’s Child Resource Center, where she helps immigrant children, ages four and younger, with a variety of activities (crafts, singing, reading, speaking English, and learning basic manners—helping prepare the children for public school) while their mothers study English. She became a great-grandmother for the first time in March to Aiden. Mary goes to concerts, museums, art galleries, and restaurants with six different sets of friends and cherishes the company of her little dog Gigi, a therapy dog at a nearby rehab center for over a year. She sits quietly in the laps of the residents who stroke her. The residents’ faces light up when they see her coming, wrote Mary, who is doing fine.

Jane Tucker Broadbooks and John are happy with the move they made last September to Springfield, Illinois. They are in a senior living residence with less housekeeping, cooking, and shopping only 10 minutes from their son, Jon Karl and family. The advantages are three meals a day, weekly apartment cleaning, bus service to medical appointments, shopping, and recreational bus trips, 130 new friends from their 60s to 100 years. They have many varied careers and many are male and female veterans. Jane participates in many activities, such as sewing, knitting prayer shawls. She is in a post-polio support group. Jon Karl is the Vice President for Communication in Illinois Realtors professional organization. Catherine teaches ESAE and GED classes at Lincoln Land Community College. Tucker, their oldest, is a junior at Truman University. He studied abroad his first semester at NYU campus in Prague, Czech Republic. He plans to become a museum curator/administrator. He has visited many museums in European countries. His parents visited him in October. Anne is a high school senior and plans to study nursing. She is active in speech competitions. She was recently designated an Illinois Scholar. Virginia is a sophomore. She still plays sax in the marching band and jazz bands. At this point, she is undecided about a career but leaned toward the design field. Jane wrote all the grandchildren play music. Jane wanted to attend the reunion but she and John have slowed down a little.

Virginia and I, as alumni of the University, are thrilled Lucas was accepted into UVA’s Enrichment Program for Young Students for two weeks. He has chosen a history and a science course. Anddd–one evening this summer Lucas has a “gig” to play in the same restaurant where his piano teacher plays. What do y’all think – historian, scientist, pianist? He’s 10! It’s a rule – grandmas are allowed to brag!