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Jody Campbell Close

Karen Larsen Nelson

Janet Garriss Lewis has recently moved into a new “mother-in-law” apartment built onto her son and daughter in law’s home, and she is happy that her son and his family enjoy her company and wants her to be part of their lives and involved with her grandchildren..  She is involved with several ministry groups at her Methodist church and is still active in two investment clubs she helped start after serving many years and was a financial partner.  Her latest passion has been learning the whole food plant-based way of eating to reverse her heart disease, and after a year of doing so she and her cardiologist are pleased with results.  She is the longest-living member of her family.

Emy Steinberg Hyans and Ed are still living in NJ and just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary .They are fortunate that their kids live nearby and grandchildren seem to be gravitating to NYC.  Emy worked for nearly 30 years as a family therapist and social worker in pediatric oncology .She explored painting when she retired and now really enjoys the world of pastels. She’s given up tennis and  now embraces golf.

Jane Denslow McCrohan and Ed still live near Seattle. This past year: they participated in their granddaughter’s college graduation followed with her wedding, and then being honored by her with a Chinese Tea Ceremony, welcoming them to her huge Chinese-American family.  She and Ed are the only living grandparents in their combined families.

Karen reports that her broken back is continuing to heal.  Husband, Darrell, is no longer fulltime caregiver as she is now able to share household responsibilities.  They continue to assist with their church’s weekly ministries in 1 assisted living community and in 2 Memory Cottages.  They still take short camping trips in their tiny trailer. .    .

Jody is is still perking along, too.  While researching her family genealogy, she was thrilled to discover her US Navy Officer father’s 1941 diary with his observations about being a Pearl Harbor survivor!  She brags about her 8 grandchildren, and was delighted by a birthday call from former roommate Nancy Jacobs Germer, (Pepper), class of ’61.

We have been co-Class Agents now for 15 years! We aren’t going anywhere and will be here as long as you continue sending us your notes and news and help us keep the Class of 60 on the map. Even if you haven’t written in a long time, we look forward to hearing from you.  Hoping for a blockbuster column next time.


Connie Booth Logothetis (A–G)

Renee Levinson Laurents (H–Q)

Lynne Williams Neave (R–Z)

Carole Grant LeMay wrote “All is well with us. I went on a wonderful tour with Bee Stone Byrnes in June to the Hamptons. We also spent time at our lake house in North Alabama with our daughter Jill and family. Then in August we took an ACL (American Cruise Line) cruise with my sister Barb and husband Dave on the Snake and Columbia rivers. I am still doing tours and playing bridge and I do programs at my church so I stay busy. Ralph is still playing tennis and fishes and deer hunts so he remains active as well. My best to all in our class.”

Jerri Barden Perkins has sent a few short messages…she is still on a high after receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award in June;  her family and friends gave a wonderful dinner in Dec to honor her late husband Cal; and ”just returned (Jan 3) from Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, Canada, “charming but oh so cold, to celebrate New Year with Road Scholar Program.”

Bev Carlson Shea wrote to thank us class agents for ALL our hard work and says, “Same old, same old…went to Dan’s Short Hills Club the night before Thanksgiving and also to the Harvard Club in NYC for some NYC Christmas.”  She spends lots of time keeping up with son Dan’s kids who live in NJ, and daughter Heather’s son who lives in CA and has been accepted early decision at Duke.  What was more impressive to Bev was his perfect ACT scores on all 4 subject areas and his high 700’s on the two S.A.T. subject tests.

Clara Sue Durden Ashley reported on her large family of 4 sons and a few grandchildren! “Two granddaughters will graduate from high school in 2020.  Abigail, who lives in Sterling, VA, and is the daughter of our son Chris, is famous for her desserts that she makes. and plans to pursue that field.  Recently she won a trophy for her key lime pie.  Son Park’s daughter Anwyn in Beavercreek, OH, expects to major in music.  She plays piano, organ, flute and piccolo.  She plays flute and piccolo with the Springfield Youth Symphony as well as with the Cedarville University Orchestra and placed first in the Senior Division of the Central Ohio Flute Assoc. sponsored by Ohio State Univ.  Students from all over the country compete in this event.  At age 14, one of Anwyn’s brothers, who plays viola in the Youth Symphony, finished composing his first full orchestral work.  Sister Noelle, at age 11, is a beautiful ice skater.  She works so hard and concentrates.  Her teacher is a former member of Ice Capades.  Their father Park’s new position at Wright Patterson AFB is a systems engineer on the Global Hawk Korean foreign military sales program.  Son Dennis, Maria and their four sons came from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to spend a week with us in December.  Dennis is in charge of removal of the hazardous waste from the Naval Air Station in Guantanamo Bay.  Son Andrew is still with the Norwegian company Nammo and sometimes travels afar.  Last Father’s Day he gave his dad a phone call from Paris!”

Maddie Contis Marken wrote: “Things are generally good here on Cape Cod.  I moved to a larger condo this past summer. I think I am supposed to down size at this age. Oh well. I have extra bedrooms if anyone gets stuck in Falmouth/Woods Hole on the way to Martha’s Vineyard. I am still working as a social worker for Cape Cod Health Care and for a visiting nurse company.  Love it!  I couldn’t have chosen a better profession.  I am still running competitively although I am getting somewhat slower in my 80’s. Still hiking in Europe on self- guided tours. And, generally, am grateful for all that I have. Our family has its share of worry and sadness of course.”

Patty Cairns Hourin says, “We have had a great year celebrating our 80th birthdays.  Our sons gave me a party in July, attended by lots of family and friends and the same for Jim in December!  I continue to play golf several times a week. Walking the dog and going to the gym is keeping me in shape.  Playing in our church bell choir also keeps my brain working!  Lynne Neave and I visited with a high school friend in Williamsburg in October, seeing the Hurleys in Richmond too.”

News from Carolyn Crum Pannu:  “Went to the south of France with Pat Scott Peck on fabulous Viking River Cruise (my 2nd…other one was north on the Seine from Paris to Normandy). This one went from Lyon to Avignon on the Soane and Rhone Rivers….morning village walks, afternoon naps, and luscious food and wine, visited Van Gogh’s work places, wineries etc. Back to work on Jan. 7th.  May take a train trip south from San Jose to L.A. the last week of April, will see the sights, possibly in Hop On Hop Off Bus, then have brunch or ‘linner’ (per Renee) with R, maybe at my favorite Dinah’s, famous for the best apple pancakes in the world!  As you can tell, travel is all about food and drink!!  Love and hugs to all, ’til 2021…..seems so far away)”

Carol Schock Furman sent a newsy letter, expressing her devastation at the passing of Jeanne Thornhill Ulrich.  They became friends at UMW from bike riding together, and in later years when the Ulrichs’ son Peter was enrolled in Carol’s first preschool class in MD.  They renewed their friendship at our 50th Class Reunion.  Like many of us, Carol had fun celebrating high her 80th birthday with an 80th high school reunion in Shaker Heights, OH; a fantastic ”pink party” given by her daughter Tammi and husband Tony; and, finally, a “staycation” at Virginia Beach for 3 nights by her other daughter Candy, husband, and sorority sisters.  Carol lives in Virginia Beach and continues to do day/night care for her 3 grandkids.  Tammi is an Associate Dean at Old Dominion Univ. and Tony is a retired Navy Seal.  Thanks for this update, Carol.

As for me (Connie), I am slowing down, but, miraculously 7 years after my lung transplant, I am still here, reaching the age of 80, with a wonderful stay at the Greenbrier Resort with our family.  Please keep in touch and thanks to you who submitted news….I love hearing from you!

From Renee:

Marcia Minton Keech and Bill are still very happy in Winchester, VA, loving the people in their lives and are thankful for living in such a beautiful place where they are active and having a lot of fun.  The nice part is that they are only an hour and 15 mins. away from all their children and grandchildren.  They get to see them more frequently than when they lived in Savannah, GA, although Marcia misses the warmth of the South.  If anyone is in the area, Marcia invites you to please come and visit with them.

Debbie Phinney Wylie’s son and daughter-in-law treated her to a cruise to the Western Caribbean in March to celebrate the big 80! Then, in July, all 16 of her family members spent a week in Maine at their family cottage.  She says getting old can be fun!  I agree!  16, wow, big family!  Debbie has been trying to reach Brownie Marshall McElroy without success.  They used to text and play Words With Friends, but has not heard from her for a while now.  If anyone has news of Brownie’s whereabouts, please contact Debbie (and me, of course).

Becky Paris Spetz writes that her husband, Stewart Wayne Spetz died on August 18, 2019.  He was 83 and they were happily married for 57 years.  Becky says that she has wonderful support from their four children, their families and many friends.  Our condolences go out to you and your family. I wish you solace and warmth in the happy memories of 57 years.

Peggy Howard Hodgkins has had quite a time celebrating her 80th year!  Last June, she took 4 adult grandchildren (19,22,13 & 24) on an Alaska cruise with 2 days in Vancouver.  Spectacular moment and thrill came during their helicopter flight to a glacier for a dog sled ride….they flew OVER a rainbow!  They all had a wonderful time.  Her family grew by two great grands, 2/12 & 5 mos. By Easter, a male will join the girls!  Many extended family visits to the lake, a big reunion of her Mom’s family, 80th birthday celebrations, and her brother-in-law’s interment in Maine filled the calendar. Then, for a “snow bird” getaway, Peggy visited family in Athens, GA, Palm Springs, CA, and Tulsa, OK.  Peggy is grateful to have such a large family to enjoy.  Next is a cruise to The Panama Canal and some Caribbean ports with her sister, Jean.  Peggy will turn 81 on April 2nd.  Many happy returns, Peggy! Peggy also enjoys helloing as she can at Church and the Women’s Club fundraisers. As we octogenarians tend to do, Peggy watches the news and uses her cell phone to take photographs.  Photography is still her favorite hobby.  Maine still enthralls her with its beauty and she is grateful for the views and being able drive around and enjoy others.  She remains in her big, big house with the threat of downsizing still before her.  She salutes all who have accomplished this task…yes, I found it quite daunting. Probably one of the reasons I decided not to move to the desert!

My news is kinda thin.  I lost my wonderful doggie, Buddy, in early May. I am still heartbroken.  He was 14 and had cancer. Sweet, sweet dog, I miss him terribly.

I still take classes at UCLA Extension for fun.  Go to theatre a lot.  Go out to lunch and/or dinner with friends.  Haven’t traveled much this year.  I think I wrote last time about changing my mind about moving to the desert.  I just really like my life here, and I’m happy with my fur kids!  I did rescue a cute little (make that tiny) dog in November.  She and the cats don’t get along.  I’m hoping in time they’ll adjust.  She is 7 years old and was about to be put down. So, at least, I saved a life.  I do enjoy her, but no dog can fill Buddy’s paws.

From Lynne:  I’m guessing everyone is busy with the holidays, as I received only two responses!  Fortunately, I have been in touch with several classmates recently, so I can report a few items.   Some of you saw and commented on a picture I posted of Rick and Rose Hurley in New York City;  I had such fun with them, seeing Mean Girls on Broadway, and the Rockettes at Radio City.  I’m still a tourist at heart, even after fifty years in NYC.   Earlier this year I visited my old hometown, San Antonio, and stayed with Bitsy Glasscock Duperior, who left MWC after Freshman year.   I had hoped to see Candes Parker Chumney, but she was ailing while I was there, as was Jill Cusack Clay.   Lloyd Tilton Backstrom and I keep in touch regularly, although we don’t see as much of each other as I would like.  She and Art were in Paris in the fall and said that they walked 34,500 steps in one day.  They also skied in Vail early in December; needless to say, they are in very good condition.

Marcy Trembath Pitkin writes, “I will be moving in a few weeks from Stuart, FL which has become a bit sleepy for me to Philadelphia where I lived for the first six years after MWC.  I will be in a high rise apartment located near my daughter and her family.  Life will be different.”

Lynne Wilson Rupert writes that life is good in southern California.   Sadly she lost her oldest brother from Elkton, MD, who practiced law for 50+years.   On the brighter side, she and her younger daughter, Katy, enjoyed ten delightful days in Lisbon while Katy was on business.  She spent Christmas with her daughters, their husbands and four grandchildren at Lake Arrowhead.  A cruise with some bridge friends on Holland America to Mexico is on her agenda for January.

Sue Wilson Sproul and Dave had a very busy and exciting 2019. In the summer, they sold their Tucson house and explored the West with their trailer, visiting CA, UT, NV, CO, and NM, visiting various members of Dave’s family.  Sue then flew “home” to Richmond, while Dave stayed out West.  She stayed at her daughter’s home along the lake at Brandermill (being live-in grandma to Henry, age 10) and celebrated her 80th birthday.   In late August, she met Dave in KY and brought him back to VA, stopping to visit granddaughter, Audrey, a senior at VPI.

While waiting for their cottage at Brandermill Woods refurbishment to be completed, (hopefully in early January) they are “hanging out” in an Air B&B.  Sue is happy to have “roots” now, although she has loved the flexibility of the trailer.   She seems to be loving the more diverse and progressive Richmond and has linked up with MWC alumni through a service project for the homeless.  She looks forward to our reunion in 2021….

Regina “Jenna” Guercio Young Hall wrote: “Mac and I were quite busy in November and December with family and guests at our winter home in Sun Lakes, AZ.  We sold our Mercer Island, WA home of 48 years last November 2018 and downsized to a winter home in AZ.  We spend the summers at our Orcas Island, WA home.  Mac and I recently celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary.  We met on a blind date in December 1958 at Mary Washington.  How time flies.  We continue to enjoy golf, hiking, bridge and Bible study.”


Kathleen Sprenkle Lisagor

Nancy Powell Sykes

Kathleen reports that the fog and cold are rolling in here in Fredericksburg. At least we no longer have to lumber around at ole “MWC” taking exams in January! Speaking of milestones, I hear “Life begins at 80!” So – classmates of 1962, Happy 80th Birthday!
In sunny autumn, Joan Akers Rothgeb and I tried to share notes as she joined me in my Northern Neck family home. We also had a great time catching fish off my pier, cleaning and cooking them fresh for dinner! Joan is happy to say that her daughter Shannon Rothgeb Powell ’92 has been elected to the Nelson County School Board.
My olderst daughter, Amy Lisagor Burcher, has just accepted a new job as minister of music in historical Ferry Farm Baptist here in town. It is like coming home again. Come for a visit!
Joan’s junior year roommate Molly Buston McGirth, a med-tech graduate of MCV, now lives in Asheville, N.C. near three children. Her husband, a pastor, is very ill. We send prayers.
Donna Floyd Parker, who has remained in Atlanta since Scott died, just moved to Salem, Va. to be near her sister and her beloved mountains again.
Louise Couch Girvin is happy to report her grandson Jonathan has been accepted as a physician’s assistant student into University of Kentucky. He has logged in many hours as an EMT.
Betsy Carper Cole is in the process of joining her son to live in Pawley’s Island, S.C. Her grandson is now enrolled in U.Va.
Myrtle Lee Dean France writes she had a wonderful visit last summer with Georgianne Maloy Hull and her husband in Staunton. The Maloys were delighted their grandson was performing in the Sound of Music Festival at “Wintergreen.” Georgianne, Myrtle Lee, and Joan attended a lovely luncheon hosted by Emily Lewis at her home on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Also present were Betty Stewart Kienast and Maggie Walker MacAllister.
Blessings to Pat Barrack Gibson who had emergency surgery in November for a life-threatening gangrenous gallbladder. While she was recuperating with a tummy tube Merv had to take on a nursing role and cooking!
In May Nancy Cheek Mitchell’s grandson graduated from VMI where his grandfather Bob had been a star football player. Nancy still keeps up with Mary Ann Sills Marks and Linda Lee Waddell Dalkin.
Our hearts reach out to Carolyn Powell Piotrowski whose husband recently died. He was employed by NASA in D.C. Our sincere sympathies to the families of classmates: Barbaara Hauser Scott, Karen McCauley Hosteller, Kristine McElroy Kelly, and Melinda Luck Shepardson.
Speaking of exciting sentimental times, our oldest UMW dormitory (Willard Hall 1911) has been renovated to the tune of 19.3 million, taking on the appearance and glory of the 1911 staircase and modern media lounges. Just come and see!
On a sad note the UMW Philharmonic almost 50 years old will come to a close as we have known it. Under the marvelous director Kevin Bartram, great performers have been guests in our community. Just recall Mrs. Anne Hamer, the humble and talented UMW piano teacher and Music Dept. chairman who performed at 90 years old on cello in Carnegie Hall with this devoted and amazing group!
On a high note our beloved Dr. William Crawley’s “Great Lives Series,” with lectures by experts, has returned to Dodd Auditorium this year, free for you to attend! 540-654-1065. Twenty nights are scheduled with book signings available.
May you be blessed with family and friends making treasured memories!
Ladies, please try to keep the news and new addresses coming in writing!


Linkey Booth Green

Maria Martinod Hagman called the magazine with a life update.
She and her husband married early in her Mary Washington years but her house mother found a place for them to rent on Charles Street, with some connection to Hugh Mercer, and she was able to stay in school and graduate. Her Marine husband was among the first troops sent to Vietnam, and he also served in Laos and Borneo. After her husband returned he was a reserve officer till 1969 and then went into banking. They lived all over the country.
Now they live in California on property just below the Reagan Library. They came through the recent fire with their home intact and without injury. They also were able to rescue their horses and those that belong to a neighbor. Maria evacuated the area, but her husband and a grandson stayed and joined the firefighting crews. The fire came into their yard but didn’t burn their house.


Susan Rowe Bunting

No notes this time.


Phyllis Cavedo Weisser

I didn’t hear from many of our classmates for this edition, so please take the time now to send me an update from you so I can include it in the next one. My big news for 2019 was a new granddaughter who arrived in November. I am blessed that she and her brothers and my daughter and her husband live just 20 minutes away, so I see them frequently. My son and his family have settled in North Georgia which is less than two hours away. They come to Atlanta at least once a month and I try to get up there every few weeks too. Louise Stevens Robbins writes that she and Diane Copty Fadely, Felicity Hallanan and her partner Evelyn Rule took an October island hopping Caribbean cruise, getting caught up since they were at Mary Washington. Louise continues her work with an out-of-school time program for minority children, participates in a reminiscence writing group, tries to keep up with League of Women Voters activities, and delights in watching her young adult grandchildren, Cole and Harper, thrive. Carolyn Davis has had an exciting year because she and her husband took a Mississippi River Cruise and had the opportunity to visit Jane Burruss Hartz and her husband Chris in Little Rock on the way! They only had 2 days and 1 night but they talked the whole time, especially about growing up in Caroline County where she later taught and was principal. They graduated high school and college together. They had been together only a few brief times since and it was great to share their stories. Jane is still the same sweet person she was then. Jane couldn’t come to their high school reunion later last summer, but Margaret Mahon did and it was fun seeing and visiting with her too. Carolyn shared that Madeline Rouzie Townsend’s husband Frankie died in 2019. Madeline and her roommate Virginia Hughes Jett live just a few counties south of Carolyn, so she planned to visit her during the Christmas holidays.


Katharine Rogers Lavery

Barbara Bishop Mann took an October break from her state and local elections
mode to go in search of her Bishop ancestors. She went to Hattiesburg,
Mississippi, where she had previously found much information at the Hat-
tiesburg Area Historical Society about her great-grandmother, “Miss Sallie”
Bishop. Her knowledgeable resource person was no longer there so Bobbi
traveled to South Carolina, where the Bishops had lived, and started her search at
the SC State Library. From there Bobbi went to the Family History Library and
spent many hours with a professional genealogist, an LDS volunteer who
graciously waived her fee. By closing time Bobbi’s “head was in the clouds” and
she has continued her search through and She
and Robert drove over to Beaufort, SC, for a mini-reunion with classmates Ryan
Stewart Davis, Ginny Bateman Brinkley, Kathy Fowler Bahnson, Marilyn Wood
Hunter and Anne Meade Clagett at Mary Anne Pyne White’s home. After the
decisive state elections Bobbi and Robert spent Thanksgiving in Buford, GA, and
Christmas in Huntsville, AL, then returned to Richmond for the General Assembly
to convene. Bobbi and several friends lobby vigorously for students and public
education. Anne Meade Clagett extended her SC visit with classmates to include
time with her late husband’s family and her sister’s family, celebrating happy
memories of John’s life.
UMW Class of ’66 p2
Jana Privette Usry continues to be active in Richmond’s One Voice Choir. After
their long-standing director retired the board decided to accept applications for
guest directors for their concerts this year. The first applicant directed their
holiday concert, which the membership said was their best concert ever, and they
would love him to stay. Jana became a great aunt again in November, celebrating
the arrival of baby Kristian. Unfortunately, his family lives overseas in Prague and
Jana will not be able to visit for a while. Jana’s niece, however, a student at Penn
State, will spend her senior year abroad in Scotland and will stay there for five
years to complete her degree as a licensed veterinarian. Jana enjoyed a visit from
UMW’s Jan Clarke last fall when he was visiting in Richmond.
Katie Green and her sister, Charlotte (class of ’69), took a September road trip
through Virginia to visit historic homes. First was the Woodlawn Plantation plus
the Pope-Leighey house, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian designs, located on
the grounds there. Katie became a fan of Wright’s architecture, especially the
Fallingwater house in PA, while living in Oak Park, IL, his long-time home. Katie
and Charlotte also toured James Madison’s Montpelier, Robert E. Lee’s birthplace
Stratford Hall, and George Washington’s Mount Vernon, where for the first time
they were allowed to take photographs. Last summer Katie visited her son’s
family living in Cardiff, Wales. They met first in London to take 3-year-old Ester to
the London Zoo, the Museum of Natural History, good eateries and then enjoyed

UMW Class of ’66 p3
the train ride back to Cardiff, where they enjoyed wonderful family time as well as
many lovely local parks. At home in Houston Katie is active in the Houston Choral
Society and participates in their concerts. In December she performed in a joint
concert with the Texas Medical Center Orchestra presenting Poulenc’s “Gloria”
along with new arrangements of traditional Christmas carols.
DeeDee Nottingham Ward is still living and working in San Diego. CA. She loves
her work so much she has no plans to retire but after spending over 44 years in
the same house she and her husband are downsizing, selling it and moving to a
new retirement community close by. Moving was easy while Nat was in the army
–it’s an overwhelming task now!
Kathy Goddard Moss and husband Tom continue to enjoy living in their Oakland
retirement community, especially since their son and family are nearby and
friends and relatives come to visit.
Betsy Chappelear Tryon is firmly entrenched in her townhome in Redondo Beach,
CA, not far from her childhood home, her brother, sister and family, son and
daughter. Granddaughter Maddy is thriving as a cadet at The Citadel in SC, making
a name for herself with her volleyball skills. Betsy’s whole family celebrated
Thanksgiving week together on a Caribbean cruise, a real treat!
Genie McClellan Hobson and husband Don took a spring cruise to the Alaskan
Inside Passage and British Columbia. They hiked, kayaked, took a zodiac tour and

UMW Class of ’66 p 4
saw bears, whales, eagles and sea lions “up close and personal.” They spent July
through September traveling in their RV out west, touring the Badlands, Mt.
Rushmore, Crazy Horse, the beautiful Black Hills in Custis State Park, and on to the
Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, seeing many other forms of hoofed
wildlife, wolves and coyotes. In October Don attended meetings at the UVA
Darden School to prepare for their upcoming 50th reunion and Genie and Don got
reacquainted with Charlottesville and “old” high school buddies. They even stayed
at the Misty Mountain Camp Resort, where they had tent-camped while in grad
school. After living 46 years in Delaware they still consider Virginia their home!
Genie’s been retired four years but continues to work several days a week, writing
and collaborating on medical publications about leukodystrophies, and currently
has three papers in press.
Elaine Gerlach McKelly and husband Tim have successfully moved into a
retirement community not far from their longtime residence in Oxford, NC, and
are enjoying it immensely. Most of their traveling is to visit their seven
grandchildren in college – two seniors, two sophomores, three freshmen. The
youngest granddaughter is at UMW, finally carrying on the tradition. In May
Elaine and Tim traveled to France for a river cruise from Paris to Normandy and
back, perhaps their last overseas vacation. They plan 2020 trips to Key West, FL, a
Hudson River cruise and two college graduations.

UMW Class of ’66 p 5
Cherie Wells Brumfeld and husband Joe, now 81, have celebrated 52 years of
marriage and are now set to stay in their Florida home. Although they both miss
Virginia very much they enjoy the agreeable weather and love the fact that there
are no state income taxes in Florida!
Carolyn Eldred continues her alumni activities in Fredericksburg plus the MW-
oriented ElderStudy and UMW theater involvement. Carolyn also helps the
Historic Fredericksburg Foundation with productions and grant writing.
Anne Powell Young, who moved back to the Fredericksburg area last year, has
become enchanted with the new “hometown” that its downtown has become.
She became reacquainted with a James Monroe ‘62 classmate, Nancy Redgrave
Sielski ’82, who passed away this fall after a three-year stay in a Stafford nursing
home. Anne and another JMHS classmate, Caroline Hoagland Stone Ruppar, held
a memorial luncheon at La Petit Auberge, joined by several other of Nancy’s high
school friends. Anne reported that Caroline and Alan were planning an addition to
their Reston home and would winter in Florida, followed by an extensive overseas
trip–details later!
Pam Kearney Patrick and husband TaB have signed up for Cross Fit training at the
Ft. Belvoir gym twice a week; Pam for the VersaClimber, TaB for the Peloton
bikes. Besides both being very active politically this year TaB is teaching financial
literacy in the Fairfax County schools as a volunteer and Pam continues her

UMW Class of ’66 p 6
successful avocation with miniature watercolors. She sold five paintings last
summer at the SOMA Gallery in Cape May, NJ, (their second home) and four at
the Strathmore (Bethesda) Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers show. Pam
and TaB enjoyed a long visit in Cape May from their son, who had not seen their
beach home since 1977, and later traveled to some “very enjoyable gatherings” at
their high schools. They visited Carol Bingley Wiley, Pete and Bendi during the
Christmas/Hanukkah season and also entertained them in Cape May along with
Bing’s daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, Nora and Isaac.
Terry Caruthers has returned to good health after three heart surgeries and
realized her 75th-birthday wish by traveling to Europe for a wonderful “Castles and
Cathedrals” River Cruise. She and husband Don had a delightful journey through
four countries, primarily Germany. At home in NC Terry keeps very active in
Golden Girls, a 300-member over 55 club with 25 subgroups such as book clubs,
garden clubs, and card groups. Terry has been president, excursions leader for
day trips, special events co-chair and most recently served as communications
director to work on new membership management software. Terry also formed a
new subgroup in honor of one of her dear friends, who was a decorator, with the
purpose of creating floral arrangements for Golden Girl luncheon events. This
friend left Terry some of her bead/stone collection and sparked Terry’s renewed
interest in beading, which she had done years ago, and she now enjoys making
beautiful necklaces again.
UMW Class of ’66 p 7
Don and Kitty Downs Gregg visited Terry and Don for one of the Golden Girls
special events, a soiree at the stables, and were so taken with the setting,
Mooresville on Lake Norman, that they are considering downsizing, selling their
Denver home and moving to NC! A major drawback is that they have lived in their
home since 1984 and “it is exactly the way we want it.” Also their daughter is
nearby. Last year Kitty, Don and son Chris took a fabulous Royal Caribbean cruise
in the Mediterranean, a total first for them! The Symphony of the Sea was over
400 yards long; their suite was huge and luxurious; their special dining area was
delightful with fantastic foods; it was “a dream come true.” They went from
Barcelona to Maijorika, Marseilles, Rome, Florence and Capri and highly
recommend the experience to all of us.
Katharine Rogers Lavery and husband Hank skipped their usual Outer Banks NC
beach vacation last summer largely because almost all the grandkids are grown,
working full time and two were planning fall weddings. Maggie’s October
wedding was at the historic Catholic church in downtown Charlottesville where all
the festive events were within walking distance. Daniel’s wedding was in
Stevenson Ridge at Spotsylvania Courthouse with the other events in downtown
Fredericksburg. It was fun staying at the Hyatt hotel right across the street from
UMW and showing other guests the familiar sights in the area. Staying home all
summer meant keeping up with the Over 39 Gang bowling league, of which

UMW Class of ’66 p 8
Katharine is the social secretary, participating twice weekly in the Ft. Myer “Never
Too Late” senior fitness classes, plus Pentagon Sailing Club meetings, church and
family activities. Occasionally at Ft. Myer Katharine bumps into Anne Kales
Lindblom, who lives nearby and shops at the commissary, or Alan and Caroline
Stone Ruppar, who also shop there. Katharine’s family Christmas treat was an
afternoon in a first-tier box at the Kennedy Center in DC to see Matthew Bourne’s
New Adventures Swan Lake, a fascinating innovative Irish rendition of the classic
ballet. A three-generation group of sisters, daughters, nieces and granddaughters
filled the whole box and had a wonderful time together.


Mary Beth Bush Dore

Gail Balderson Dise

The first weekend in October 2019 she joined Mary Beth Dore and her husband, Casey, in Fredericksburg for a catch-up weekend around the first Legacy luncheon at the UMW Alumni House. Gail’s mother, Elizabeth Mitchell ’29, Mary Beth’s aunt, Camilla Moody Payne ’29 and her daughter, Ginger Dore Marshall ’94 are all Legacies. Ginger could not attend the luncheon as she was on duty as a paramedic in Beaufort, SC.

Vivian Crater Gray

Vivian submitted information about her mother, Flora Crater, who will be spot lighted in an exhibit in Richmond, Va. from March to September 2020 entitled “Agents for Change: Female Activism in Virginia from Women’s Suffrage to Today”. Please check out the web page Virginia Museum of History and Culture (www.virginia for information regarding Vivian’s mother, an individual prominent in Virginia politics and the women’s movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s, as well as founding a chapter of NOW and getting the Equal Rights Amendment passed.

Nancy McDonald Legat

Nancy and her husband Dan are thoroughly enjoying retirement in Lexington, SC. When not traveling, they love spending time with their three daughters and son-in-laws, seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Carole Beall Moore Schwartz

Carol earned a Masters in Information Science, after which she lived in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and California before residing in Florida. As Carol was unable to attend the 50th Reunion in 2017, Mark Thaden, Executive Director of Alumni Relations provided these links where you can locate information and photos about the reunion.


and here

Mary Beth Bush Dore

Many thanks to Ginger and Casey for helping me put the information in this magazine as I am recovering from a fractured pelvis.


Meg Livingston Asensio

Donna Gladis sent in a few notes about her classmates:

 Kris Peterson Hamill married Paul Hamill in 1996 and gained a wonderful merged family of 6 kids, along with their partners, and 10 grandchildren. All are doing well in their careers. One daughter has been adapting the works of Jane Austen for the stage and was recently named one of the top 20 produced playwrights in the U.S. Kris and her husband moved from Ithaca NY to Charleston SC in 2012 following a year in Romania for Paul’s Fulbright Senior Fellowship. After a long career as a publicist and fundraiser, Kris has followed her bliss and recently started a Swedish and American baked goods business called Svenska’s Culinary (in honor of her grandmother who emigrated from Sweden to become Nelson Rockefeller’s cook). The Hamills keep in touch with Susi Sears Shiriak (a retired Spanish teacher and linguist fluent in 4 languages), Kris’s children’s godmother, as well as Betsy Witmer Roberson, a former high school principal in Richmond who has spent years as a consultant helping distressed schools earn their accreditation, and Barbie Bennett, who manages an art gallery near DuPont Circle in Washington, DC.

Jill Robinson Burkert retired after 12 years at the University of Alaska, crawling into small planes to visit special education teachers in Alaskan villages. She left Juneau right after our 50th reunion and drove with her daughter and 2 dogs (dodging massive wildfires along the way) to a new abode in Bend, Oregon. She is still adjusting to living in an area with more than one store. Jill is working on a book of stories about the incredible teachers she worked with and the challenges of working in extremely remote schools. Her grandson graduated from the University of Alaska in Environmental Science and Outdoor studies and now does his part to show visitors the impact of climate change. Jill urges us to travel soon to the Mendenhall Glacier, which is rapidly disappearing.


Linda Eadie Hood

Roberta Newton wrote: Having successfully completed a career as an academic/researcher, I  retired and moved from Philadelphia, PA to Greensboro. NC. Since then I have become an avid birder, taking courses, helping new birders, as will traveling both in the US and internationally. This past January, I birded my last continent – Antarctica.  My other  interests include gardening, and volunteering. Since I was a ‘day student’, I have admired the growth in academics as well as the expansion of the campus.

Sarah Carrington Hannah Petras taught Latin for 37 years in both northern Virginia and Augusta County high schools, and Greek and Latin at James Madison University for the past 18 years.  At the end of spring semester, 2020, she will be “retiring” (actually, returning to school to pursue studio art).

Iris Harrell and wife Ann voluntarily evacuated Santa Rosa again due to another wildfire out of control 25 miles north of them in late October. She says, “fortunately, we went to our best friends home in Silicon Valley & stayed for 8 days before driving down to Palm Springs for a preplanned 2-week vacation.  We attended the National Pickleball tournament and I also got to play some Pickle & golf with our friends.  I will serve on the Board of my golf club starting in 2020.  The clubhouse burned down in Oct. 2017, so I can contribute my construction expertise as a Board member as they rebuild.  Ann and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in May 2019.

Ann Chatterton Klimas says I was unable to attend our 50th reunion, too.  I am still as mobile as I want to be, but I was worried about the brick walkways and grass this time.  My husband Andy and I love “beauty” vacations and this year returned to the place where Andy’s parents had a cottage for many, many years.  I regret the fall weather on the East Coast was so bad that there were few, lazy days gazing at the ocean waves.

Cece Smith Riffer says I enjoyed our 50th Class Reunion and seeing many “Frenchies” there.  I and my family have lived in Williamsburg since 1995 and by then we had two granddaughters.  Now we have 8!  Our oldest granddauhter, Emily, is a sophomore at William and Mary.

Nancy Yeager Allen says she is still very busy with volunteer activities:  I was named the Volunteer of the Month at my church in September.  I’ve added a twice monthly bridge group, too.  My husband Paul and I traveled to Iceland with our son, his wife, and her youngest grandson for a week.  We saw wonderful sights, museums, and an afternoon at the Blue Lagoon.  Tacey Battley and I attended our annual High school class birthday celebration.  Paul and I are going on a South American cruise in January 2020 to celebrate his 75th birthday.

Bonnie Page Hoopengardner says I enjoyed our 50th reunion at UMW and at West Point.  We took our 3 kids, spouses and 2 grandchildren 8 and 14 years old on a cruise of the Alaska Inside Passage.  There were 78 people on the cruise and we explored the shorelines and saw whales and other animals.  I highly recommend this cruise and especially to anyone who hasn’t been to Alaska.  I still enjoy playing golf and bridge, and I enjoy every day being healthy and still active.

Lyn Howell Gray says she and her husband Jim will be returning to Liberia until early March.  They have bought a house in Blacksburg, VA, and will live there when they leave Liberia where they have lived for many years doing much Peace Corps work, et al.

Amy Danforth’s sister, Jane Danforth ’72 who is also an MWC graduate lives in Canada.  She told me she was in Cheyenne, Wyoming, visiting Amy and Bryan’s children, Jo Marie and Carroll.  Each has a son, ages 14 and 11.  If you don’t know,\ Amy died August 27, 1993.  Brian is also deceased.

Linda Eadie Matthews Hood missed our 50th, too.  I kept whatever illness I had then well into the fall when I finally saw my doctor.  By then it was bronchitis, maybe pneumonia and/or the flu before that.  Rick and I traveled to Ashland, OR, in October where a group of 8 to 10 our friends go together every year to attend the Shakespeare Festival.  It is wonderful theatre with an outdoor theatre called the Elizabethan like early Shakespeare theatres.  It’s much more than Shakespeare, however.  Next season (2020) there is a new lovely black female Artistic Director for the entire theatre.  She directed our favorite play in 2019. Last (early) June, Rick and took our first Cruise to SE Alaska.  Now, we’re hooked on cruises!

We have lost two classmates since our 50th:

Sara (Sally) Kathyn Rodgers passed away November 7, 2019, in Ocala, FL, after a short illness.  She was born November 24, 1946 (my birthday, too), in Winchester, VA.  She grew up in Mauretown, VA.  Her parents were C. Laner & Helen Myers Rodgers.  She graduated from MWC with a B.S. in physics, worked at AT&T, then for Syncsort 30 years with software.  She lived in Hackettstown, NJ; enjoyed travel, rafting, and family.  She retired to Belleview, FL, in 2018.  She is survived by brother, Eugene Allen Rodgers; niece, Toni Allen and husband Todd and children Taryn. Teagan & Truen of Strasburg, VA;f and many cousins.  She was loved by all.

We also lost Chris Cole.

Here’s an article that was published on Facebook about Chris:

Years ago we were introduced to a fellow festival organizer here in Mount Dora.  Often difficult to read and extremely complex, many were at odds with her passionate personality.  She had no problem telling you where to put it, but she also had a way to show you her love ini unexpected ways..  She once sent Brian and me a huge box of local farm fresh veggies out of the blue, and she would mail hand cut paper flowers to me for the holidays.  We had a good bond and mutual respect for the time and dedication it takes to put on a festival in a small town driven by petty politics.  And we enjoyed good banter about the current state of affairs while indulging on glasses of wine that never emptied.  She wasn’t particularly funny but she could be dry and witty and admitted to me that she loved people that laughed big and openly around her.  It made her smile.  Although she was a writer for many years, she never let me video her to promote her beloved Plant & Garden event until this one time,…  Last year while we were there she said, “Oh, hell, just get it over with.  You’re never going to let me rest until I give in…”. And so I captured her.

Christine Cole passed away Nov. 18, 2019, one week after passing the baton to me, and lived to see the success of then 25th annual Mount Dora Plant and Garden Fair.  She can RIP knowing the event will go on with the same passionate spirit she had for it.  We will miss you, my friend.